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Superior LED Lighting for Retail Merchandising2017-04-13T19:33:20+00:00

Superior LED Lighting for Retail Merchandising

Promolux LED is the LED Division of Éclairage Promolux. Promolux LEDs are high color definition LEDs ideal for both food and non-food merchandising. Using the same legendary Promolux color formula specified by major retailers worldwide, Promolux LEDs use less energy, last twice as long as fluorescent lighting and should always be used in applications where good color presentation is critical.

Appearance, freshness, and shelf life are big factors when it comes to maintaining sales and shopper satisfaction. Promolux LEDs deliver the correct balance of light and color for clear and crisp looking displays.

The Promolux LED offering is generally divided into food and non-food merchandising, with the Platinum Color Series ideal for food applications, and the Premium White Color Series ideal for non-food applications. Custom LED development is also available.

With so many supermarket choices these days, retailers spend thousands on advertising JUST to customers to their store. But that is only the first step….


Perishables account for over 50% of a supermarket’s revenue and using Promolux merchandising LEDs ensure your fresh food displays get noticed.

Promolux LEDs have the best color definition to bring out the fresh, natural, vibrant colors of your perishables. And with less physical heat and better thermal management than regular LEDs, there is simply no other LED that merchandises and protects your fresh food better then Promolux. Contactez-nous dès aujourd'hui pour voir comment nous pouvons vous aider!

Available Promolux LEDs - Superior Supermarket LED Merchandising

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